High & Low Voltage Control Panel

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Product Details

Service condition:

1.Ambient temperature: +40°c - -5 °c .

2 Altitude: ≤2000m

3. Atmopheric condition: clear air. The ralative humidity is no more than 50% at the highest temperature 40 °c while higher humidity is permitted at lower temperature, such as 90% at +20 °c. Condensation maybe occure occasional due to temperature changes.

4. The transport and storage process of the device is suitable for the temperature range: -25°c to 55°c, in a short period of time (less than 24h) can reach 70°c, device shall not have any irreversible damage in these extreme temperatures, but should be able to work normally under normal conditions.

5. if the above condition is not satisfied, it shall be consulated and solved the user and the factory.

6. when the equipemnt is used in offshore or nuclear power station, the technical agreement shall be resigned.


The user should provide the following information:

1.Single system main circuit diagram/ primary  circuit application application/ wiring diagram and the type of componnets

2.Secondary  circuit schematic diagram or schematic wiring diagram

3.Detailed specifications and quantity of the electrical equipment installed in each cabinet, and fill in the order specification.

4.Permutation and combination ring switchgear, layout.

5.the film of switchgear cabinet (the default is MB2071)

6.Special requirement shall be marked while ordering.