High Precision Pellet Mill Die Roller

High Precision Pellet Mill Die Roller
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There are many types of roller shell, such as Open Ends Corrugated, Closed Ends Corrugated, Dimpled and oblique shaped roller shell, honeycomb shaped,scallop shaped,fluted shaped etc. Corrugated roller shell and dimpled roller shell are the mostly used types in the livestock and poultry feed pelleting and biomass pelleting industry.

The life of roller shell is so critical for frequently changing roller shells will also damage the ring die. Which means the material of roller shell should also be got into consideration in purchasing pelleting equipments. Material of Chrome Steel Alloys is advisable for it has good property of fatigue resistance, which suits the requirement of operating in harsh environment.

A good roller shells is not only made of good material, but also match the excellent performance of its dies. Each die and roller assembly stay together as a unit, extending die and roller life and enabling easy storage and conversion.

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