High Quality Biomass Debarker Machine

High Quality Biomass Debarker Machine
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Brief introduction of wood logs debarking machine: 

Wood barker is a new generation wood peeling equipment with high efficiency which was innovated by our factory on the basis  of foreign advanced technology. 

It had single and double    roller type according to different wood with different diameter. This machine adopts open groove peeling room, the wood come into the peeling room from one side and come out from the other size. So it is continuous working. It conquer the defect of rolling drum and improve capacity greatly. It is suitable for big diameter wood and large scale factory. 

Features of wood logs debarking machine

  1. This machine is the rotor teeth with a unique force in stripping production, so that wood in the hopper tank plate section recurring cycle of movement, turning around its own axis to segment and irregular beating. To this paragraph with wooden teeth and keep the friction between the storage tanks, fast bark are separated to achieve effective peeling effect.

  2. One end to put in and the other for outlet, it’s better than the rotary one which has to stop the motor to take the peeled branch out.

  3. Suitable for many different trees, especially the bend one have higher peeling rate than the traditional rotary type

  4. The machine is fixed when working, so the power consumption and the failure rate is small and low noise.


This is one type of the most advanced log barker which is application to many different trees, such as polar tree, willow and etc. The rate of barking is high, and almost won’t damage the wood. It has a strong ability to barking when the log is not completely straight.

Wood pellet production line flow:

1.Chipping process---------Wood log need to be chipped by wood chipper.

2.Drying process -----------Wood chips need dried by drum dryer ,if chips are dry ,We don't need dryer.

3.Further crushing----------The dried wood chips should be crushed by the hammer mill to 1-5mm ,prepared for pellet process.

4.Wood pellet production line processing---------Sawdust go to the pellet machine make pellet directly or big silo which divide material to each pellet machine when have machine more than ones .

5.Cooling process----------------30-60mins cooling by nature ,or cooled by wood pellet cooler.

6.Packing process----------------You can choose packed by small bag or ton bag .We have packing machine.




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