High Quality Feed Pellet Vibrating Cooler Swing Cooling Machine

High Quality Feed Pellet Vibrating Cooler Swing Cooling Machine
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Features and Benefits ----Poultry pellet cooling machine
A) The pellet cooling machine takes advantage of counter current cooling principle to cool the pellet material with high temperature high humidity. It can avoid the shock cooling phenomenon when the cold air contacts with the hot material, thus can prevent the pellet appearance generating crazings.
B) Cooling tank adopts octagon design, which can ensure the cooling has no dead angles. 
Adopt air-closed material feeder, large inlet air area, outstanding cooling effect.
C) The material discharging device adopts slide valve reciprocating type, stable and reliable running, little residual.
D) The cooled feed pellets temperature won't be higher than ambient temperature + 3~5ºC, also suitable for cooling particle material.
High cooling speed and favorable cooling effect. The counterflow pellets cooler can cool more pellets while maintaining optimum pellet quality.
Lower power consumption, easy operation and cleaning, high production efficiency.
Application ---- Poultry pellet cooling machine
The counterflow coolers are mainly used in large or medium size feed pelletizing plant and wood pellet production line. The pellet coolers can cool the pellet material and reduce the material temperature and moisture content. So the animal feed pellets are more convenient to package, transport and store.

Main Technical Parameter

Cooling time(min)Less than 10-15Mins
Temperature after Cooling(°C)Not higher than ambient temperature +3~5ºC
Power of Airlock (kw)0.550.751.11.51.5

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