High Quality Feed Silo

High Quality Feed Silo
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Features of feed silo 

1.Steel sheet use high quality galvanized sheet,all parts are standard parts, Strictly follow the relevant national standards of feed silo design,manufacture and installation.

2.Easy installation, low investment

3.Feed storage silo height,diameter can be in a wide range of choice,the two position space of two silos can be less than 80cm,less land occupation,well-adapted,the maximum can up to 15000tons/silo,

4,In normal use,if the grain in the warehouse temperature rises o the critical point due to the higher water content ,the temperature and monitoring system will sound and light alarm in time and tell you there is danger in some parts of grain and should be ventilation and cooling

5. The feeding silo diameter from 2.7m-32m 

Feed silo production 

Jiangsu Liangyou International Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd is a large scale manufacture of metal steel feed silos used for sales .we have modern production equipments and strict management system.


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