High-Tech Brand Counter Flow Cooler

High-Tech Brand Counter Flow Cooler
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We have two kinds of cooler machine,one is counter flow cooler,another is swing flap cooler.The counter flow cooler is slid  reciprocating discharge,it used for cooling major feed pellets; swing flap cooler adopt cylinder pushing swing flap discharge,as it can avoid the mini pellets leak from the flap or prevent crushing the big pellets,it suitable for shrimp feed pellets,biomass pellets and fertilizer pellets.

Why choose us?
Our products have passed the SGS,ISO9001:208,CE certifications.Moreover,we own several patents,such as "utility model patents certificate"and "high-tech products certificate",etc.Our goods exported to many countries and won the good reputation by the high quality and superior service.

Technical parameters:

Cooling volume(M3)1.52.5468
Cooling time(min)Less than 10-15Mins
Temperature after coolingNot higher than ambient temperature +3-5ºC
Main motor power(KW)0.751.
Airlock power(KW)0.550.751.11.51.5

1. The unique rotating well-distributed institution makes the materials more even and the cooling effect more thorough.
2. The pendulum flap discharging institution is controlled by hydraulic system(pneumatic system), even and smooth discharging. The discharge speed can be adjustable.
3. It can cool kinds of materials like round, block, piece or pellet status.
4. Low energy consumption and easy to operate.
5. The temperature after cooling will not be over 3 or 5 °C of the room temperature.
6. Automatically stop during discharging.