Highly Automatic Poultry Feed Mixing Machine

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Product Details

1.Poultry feed mixer is widely used in mixing the animal feed and fertilizer powder, granule e.c.t .various liquid can be added. Mixing time per batch is just 30-90 seconds, Now it is widely used in animal feed industry, fertilizer industry, aquatic product breeding, chemical industry, aquatic product breeding, medicine and so on.

2.Poultry feed mixer has full length discharging doors, generally input and bottom output doors are both two ,the output doors both have manual and pneumatic type, generally larger than 1000 Model generally will install pneumatic type, in this way, no need to operate by manual. The discharge speed is fast, and there is no residual, but pneumatic discharging type needs to buy extra air compressor. 

3.Poultry feed mixer mixing time is short (30-90seconds/batch). Adding input and output time, the mixing time is about 10-15minutes per batch(full load working), it can mix 4-6times per hour. The degree of homogeneity is high(CV is smaller than 5%) 

4.Poultry feed mixer has double paddle shafts ,mixing efficiency and working balance are both very high .all steel materials of mixer can be changed into full stainless or just carbon steel , that will be designed according to your mixing materials characteristics. 

5. poultry feed mixer paddle shaft mixing balance degree is very stable , when works, it will no shake, also the gap between shaft and tank body is very reasonable , now this animal feed mixer is our national Free inspection products. 

Details of FDSP 2t/batch animal feed mixer 

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