Hot Sale Horizontal Ribbon Mixer For Fodder

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Product Details

Product introduction
Horizontal ribbon mixer shaft is horizontal, the mixing efficiency is high, the mixture is of good quality and rapid discharging is fast, less residue, to adapt to a wide range, is used to date one of the most commonly used in the mixer. 

The working principle 
Components of materials according to certain proportion after measurement into the mixer, material in strip driven spiral blade. Outside screw belt will push material from one end to the other end, ribbon makes the material in the opposite direction, the inner material is pushed to the side from the inside to the outside after tumbling, outer layer feed after being pushed to the side of the outside-in. Material in the process of convection mutual penetration, deflection and mixed, in the process of on both sides of the roll to mix, so repeated many times, finally through the discharging control structure will mix the material discharged from the discharge door. 

The applicable objects
The mixer on the feed processing speed than other mixed feed equipment, functional, less consumption, high efficiency is the ideal product processing production industry.
The equipment is able to meet the performance requirements of dry mortar production needs. Such as: masonry mortar. Plaster mortar. Thermal insulation mortar needed by the system. Decoration mortar, etc all kinds of dry powder mortar.