Inductive Level Indicator

Inductive Level Indicator
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Inductive level indicator is an intelligent sensing device to detect the level condition, which consists of level sensing probes and intelligent controller. The intelligent controller display and control the output by the level condition perceived by the probe.

Working principle:

The probe detects the level variation of surrounding materials, and cutting-edge module generates a corresponding oscillation frequency according to the variation. It will be converted into an analog signal and input into the computer processor. The computer processor will display and control the output according to the level variation degree by comparing the parameters of materials level before and after.

Main features and advantages:

1.The sensing probes and controller can be separated; It can work in the conditions which has high vibration.

2.Induction level indicator is an intelligent level sensing device, and is totally different from the traditional level indicator with mechanical transmission system.

3.It can be used for powdery material, granular material, nubby material and fibrous material.

4.It is widely used in stock bins of powder, granular and nubby materials in different industries including grain, food, feed, chemical, metallurgy, pharmacy, etc and equipment processing silos for manufacturing designs in multiple industries.