Biomass Used Wood Pellet Production Line

Introduction for biofuel used wood pellet production line: 

  1. The production line includes wood crushing (if the raw material is not already granulated), material sieving, drying (if the raw material contains too much moisture), pelletizing, cooling, screening and packing. The whole pelletizing process can be highly automatically controlled and customized.

  2. This is whole system automatic production line with different capacity demand and raw materials information.

  3. The production line could suitable for raw materials like: rice husk, sawdust, rice straw, cotton stalks,peanut straw, grape straw, dry hay, grass, forest wood logs, forest wood branch, forest wood waste, wood waste, etc. Kinds of biomass waste.

  4. High density, smooth surface, 6mm diameter or 8mm diameter, 33mm (20-50mm adjustable)length pellets you will get.

It is mainly used for agroforestry residues ,such as straw ,cotton stalk , rice husk ,peanut shell ,bamboo,empty fruit branch,pulverized coal and waste paper etc.

Biomass pellet application :

Detail Quotation Solutions for you, we need to know Information as Follows: 

(1). What capacity would your prefer?

The Capacity Range of Wood Pellet Machine: 0.8-1T; 1.5-2T; 2-3T;3-4T. 

(2).What is your raw material? 

According to different raw material(such as hard wood,soft wood,straw,rice husk), capacity is different. 

(3).What is your raw material size? 

Best size for pressing high quality pellets is 3mm-5mm. 

(4).What is the moisture of your raw material? 

Better to be 10-15%.( If large than this, then we will recommend your Dryer Machine) 

(5).Final Pellets Size? 

We have Diameter for Pellets:6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, (Different Diameters for your Different Requirement.)Pellets Length: Adjustable20-50mm. (Normally our clients ask pellets length of 33mm, between 30-36mm) 

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