Professional Feed Industry Silo, Poultry Feed Storage Silo

Feed processing industry silo:

Steel silo feed industry widely used in feed processing user, stored feed ingredients such as soybean, wheat, corn, soybean meal and other feed or storage of finished pellets or powder.

When the feed industry silo store feed raw material, general process is: truck--- unloading grain pits --- pre-cleaner --- magnet --- elevator --- conveyor --- grain silo. And generally they need to be equipped inverted silo functions for work with bin bottom ventilation system to adequately reduce the temperature of food in the silo; granary generally used 1,000 tons, 1,500 tons, 2000, 5000 tons of two silos or more; silo general configuration inside the material level, temperature, ventilation and other ancillary equipment; individual units are also configured fumigation circulation system, for reducing pest silo interior materials.

When the feed processing business support materials storage, such as soybean meal silos, storage technology generally choose: truck--- unloading grain pits --- elevator --- conveyor --- soybean meal silo; silo general is small, such as 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons; mainly because of lightweight materials require larger self slip angle, if you choose a larger tonnage of the silo, silo experience that becomes unsafe uneconomic fine-height silo shape. 

Feed Silo Applications:

  · dairy feed storage                                      

  · poultry feed storage

  · pig farm feed storage

  · animal breeding farm feed storage

  · feed lots storage

  · chicken feed storage

  · horse feed storage

  · aqua feed storage

Features And Benefits:

  · galvanized steel plate material

  · base manhole

  · good sealing

  · long working life: 25-30 years

  · measuring temperature, level control

  · fumigation,refrigeration and ventilation, dust removal

  · automation control system

  · easy upgrading of capacity or silo move

Feed steel silo construction industry advantages:

  1. Good performance, long life: the inner wall of high intensity simplified vertical ribs, transverse spiral undercut of ribs, which greatly enhance the strength of the cylinder, wind strong anti-seismic snow load capacity. Cylinder hot dip galvanized coil manufacturing, the top positions in all dip galvanizing process, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

  2. Short construction period, low cost: The construction period is short, short construction period, the construction of a one thousand tons of silo capacity, only 5-6 days. It can be put into use as soon as possible for users to create effective early.

  3. Well-known brands: the company since its inception to the present, feed processing industry is one of the important pillar industry, and the country's top ten brands of feed processing enterprises, 70 per cent of the project for the storage and unprocessed feed processing the EPC contract;

  4. Before the raw material storage of cleaning: in the feed industry, our company has developed a special food and feed binoculars cleaning sieve, optimization of raw grain impurities to clean up, so that the overall utilization of the highest food;

  5. Raw material storage to prevent the accumulation arch blocking materials: Auxiliary materials for feed industry in silos used, such as soybean meal positions, the country's first company to develop and apply a long way discharge auger timing control pulse arch-breaking device for preventing blocking material under the spout and the warehouse powder arching phenomenon; control rate of one hundred percent, absolutely praise by customers;

  6. Electric control system: According to the feed industry, our company fully optimized electronically controlled control system and mechanical control systems to ensure that customers of continuous operation, such as the company developed variable cross-section electric gate for the national patent products, to adequately address the material in Jincang problems occurred;

  7. Total Solution: Our company for feed processing industry silo may be provided from the factory planning, feasibility design, the overall budget for the project budget, project design, production, installation, sale and maintenance of a full range of front-line services.


Parts Silo Sizes


We can also Provide other large sizes according to client ’s  requirements.


Materials for FDSP Feed Industry Silo

Materials: SBM, Olive, Wheat, Maize, Paddy, Soya bean, Limestone, Aluminum Oxide, Carbon, Plastic Granule, Sulfur, Fly Ash, Cement, Stone, Saw Dust etc.


Products widely used in food, feed, flour, oil, brewing, chemical, building materials, port, environmental protection and other industrial fields.


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