Large Capacity Grain Industry Silo, Grain Silo For Sale

Widely used, such as: rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and other food storage. With the development of the times the import and export of food, aquaculture, feed industry gradually increases for food storage have strict requirements and management. Our company can provide customers in accordance with the needs of food storage silo type selection, the main silo type are: First, the assembly positions; two, spiral positions; three kinds of positions can shape the design, production, production, installation of the manufacturers;

(1) Collection chamber applies to the material as follows: corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, and so the proportion of larger, smooth surface of the material;

(2) spiral positions suitable for use as materials: rice, sunflower, castor beans and other lighter weight, poor self-slip properties of materials;



● all cereal crops storage

● seed storage

● raw materials storage

● finished products storage

● grain storage

Features And Benefits:

● galvanized steel plate material

● base manhole

● long working life: 25-30 years

● measuring temperature, level control

● fumigation,refrigeration and ventilation, dust removal

● automation control system

● easy upgrading of capacity or silo move

Silo Options:

● lipp steel silo

● assembly steel silo

The grain trade industry for recent two years of market analysis

The past two years, due to the external economic environment changed greatly, coupled with domestic agriculture, food policy adjustments frequently, most varieties of grain prices have fluctuated both opportunities and challenges, enterprises also an urgent need when the acquisition, how to store , when to sell, and the details of the sale between the management and many other issues, only to control every aspect of optimizing every detail before they can stand in the vagaries of the market environment in an invincible position;

Food industry is about grain receiving and selling, and grain come from different channels. The grain quality is unprocessed at uneven levels of quality, whereby our combination of advanced foreign technology, in full knowledge of the situation of domestic customer demand for raw grain quality do out of the following measures:

 1) Automated matching raw grain sampler, and a significant market use random sampling, mechanical automatic sampling, to reduce the adverse impact of human control, strengthen the quality control of raw grain;

 2) the quality of the raw grain uneven levels, a majority of which comes mainly from the impurity problem, impurity automatic weighing system that can accurately calculate the impurity content in the raw grain, customers can according to the level of impurities, to determine the price of the corn level, to improve the quality of raw grain, reduce procurement costs;

3) Use the drying tower drying process, the raw grain harvest season, unprocessed water is often too high, and easy storage, drying tower can solve the customer needs in a timely manner to purchase food needs; drying tower with the overall galvanizing process, all power equipment, weighing equipment, and mechanical testing are optimized so that the whole system is in the best condition, do not delay customers receive food; and I can provide three heat drying tower interface, a coal-fired, two for fuel three biomass burner, which I developed biomass burner comparable French brand burner, specifically with reference to our website biomass;

4) Use a wet food buffer silo technology, the so-called best process is to make all the equipment to maximize value, and wet food cache, you can solve customers in urgent need of food and a chance to close the drying stage can be wet temporarily stores the grain, and so on to reach a certain amount and then concentrated after drying, save energy and cost savings;

Raw grain storage grain trade is an industry critical content management, storage process I designed, equipped with electronic temperature measurement, accurate observation grain situation; with a professional ventilation system, the inner compartment ventilation no dead ends; the use of the performance of the most good level control system; high standard configuration and configuration points winning configurations to meet customer demand; (warehousing process low profile, unless special requirements of customers, we generally do not do)

Parts Silo Sizes


We can also Provide other large sizes according to client ’s requirements

Details of FDSP steel grain silo

We believe that:" Details is the key to success", so every details being taken seriously during our production processes, providing high quality products to our customers is our principle all the time.

Helix steel silo:

bolted steel silo:

Sketch map of crimping and seaming: