Professional In Poultry Feed Production Line

Animal feed Pellet Line

Feed pellet line/ feed production line is a high automation fodder production line which be used to make various poultry and livestock feed such as chicken, duck, cattle, pig, rabbit, etc. We can supply you customized solutions with advanced feed processing technology and professional service.

Advantages Of Feed Pellet Line

1. Can be customized according to your requirements for poultry feed.

2. Easy operation 

3. Less time and manpower to make more feed pellets 

4. Reduce waste and improve production

Flowchart Of Feed Pellet Production Line

Silo storage process- Receiving And Pre-cleaning Process- Grinding Process-Batching And Mixing process- Pelleting Process- Cooling and sifting process-Bagging Process- Auxiliary System- Electric Control System

Main Equipment Related To Complete Feed Pellet Production Line

Silo- Hammer Mill - Mixer - Pellet Mill - Cooler- Crumbler - Rotary Screener - Bagging Scale

We can offer 

Our company(FDSP) have specialized in feed milling production line for almost twenty years. We can construct 10-120t/h feed production line, such as livestock, poultry, aqua, prawn and premix, at various scales.

You can customize what you need and we can supply the professional solution for you.

Turn-key Projects  Single Machine
·Livestock And Poultry Feed Plant·Hammer Mill And Pulverizing Machine
·Aqua Feed Plant·Mixer And Liquid Adding Machine
·Special Aqua Feed Plant·Pellet Mill
·Shrimp Feed Plant·Cooler,Crumbling And Screening
·Concentrate Feed Plant·Extruder,Stabilizer,Dryer
·Premix Feed Plant·Cleaner,Magnets And Pulse Filter
·Storage Project·Conveyor And Bucklet Elevator
·Grass Processing Plant·Electrical Control And Bagging Machine
·Biological Feed Plant·Spare Parts,Dies,Rollers



Complete Feed Pellet Production Line Main Production Process :

The receiving and precleaning--The grinding  section--The batching and mixing section --The pelleting section --The bagging section--Electricity control system


 1. The receiving and precleaning

 precleaning of feed pellet plant


 2. The grinding section

 grinding section


3. The batching and mixing section


batching and mixing section


4. The pelleting section


pelleting section


5. The bagging section

bagging section


6. Electricity control system


Electricity control system


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Our products have been exported over 30 countries including Russia, Africa, Iran,

Korea,Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, France, etc. Our

products enjoy good reputation for the high quality in domestic and overseas market.