Factory Directly Supply Poultry Feed Production Line

Features of poultry feed production line

It is widely used to make pellets,raw material can be large soybean straw, corn stalks,cotton stalk, sorghum, peanut vine, rape straw,sunflower stalk, rice husk, grass, shrubs ect.

high-quality alloy steel ring mold, long life and smooth out the grain, high quality.

To meet different outputs requirements,Feeder has a variable speed controller. it can adjust the feeding speed.

stainless steel door and chute with scale line stretching cutter, the cutter easy to adjust, and reliable pellet machine is a key equipment for producing pellet feed, with high output,good performance,low energy consumption,low noise and beautiful appearance characters.

The feeding system adopts stepless speed changing motor control, adjust speed conveniently and reliably when making pellet powder feed.

process of poultry feed plant

Product Feature

1,Advanced technology 

With reasonable technology, high capacity and low energy consumption. It can produce 5000-15000 tons mash and pellet feed per shift annually; 

2,Modular Structure  

Modular Structure: The plant is compact, occupies less floor space and has low requirement on the mill tower, and needs low investment in civil works. The containerized modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly, facilitates the shipment and installation; 

3,Multifunction for different material production 

The production line could be designed to product different feed;

4,Automatic and Centralized control  

Centralized control: the analogue panel is adopted. All machines can be interlocked and safety, alarm device is available. The operation is simple and convenient.

Advantages Of Feed Pellet Line

1. Can be customized according to your requirements for poultry feed.

2. Easy operation 

3. Less time and manpower to make more feed pellets 

4. Reduce waste and improve production


Flowchart Of Feed Pellet Production Line

Silo storage process- Receiving And Pre-cleaning Process- Grinding Process-Batching And Mixing process- Pelleting Process- Cooling and sifting process-Bagging Process- Auxiliary System- Electric Control System

We can offer 

Our company(FDSP) have specialized in feed pellet production line for almost twenty years. We can construct 10-120t/h feed production line, such as livestock, poultry, aqua, prawn and premix, at various scales.

You can customize what you need and we can supply the professional solution for you.

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