Livestock Feed Shredder/hammer Mill

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Application of SFSP series Livestock feed shredder/hammer mill

With 1mm and 3mm screen, this type hammer mill are ideal crusher for feed material, industrial

using,and all kind of granular materials.

Types Poultry Feed Hammer Mill / Chicken feed hammer mill

SFSP series Livestock feed shredder

SFSP series Livestock feed shredder

SESP 568 Series Feed Hammer MillSESP 668 Series Feed Hammer Mill

SFSP series Livestock feed shredder

SFSP series Livestock feed shredder

SESP 998 Series Feed Hammer MillSESP 999 Series Feed Hammer Mill

Advantage of SFSP series Livestock feed shredder/hammer mill

Water-drop type crushing room break circumfluence in grinding with high efficiency;

Made of durable carbon steel with SIEMENS motor equipped;

High transmitting efficiency,working smoothly,solidity and durability;

Flexibility for coarse and fine grinding by adjusting the gap between hammer and screen;

Vital parts are imported, longer service life and lower maintenance cost;

Sliding door, making inspection and hammer changing easier;

Use the drop-pulverizing room to destroy the circulation layer of feed,so they can improve the grinding efficiency;

Have the features of bidrectional materials purchased and turning around using the hammer pieces.So they are cost-effective and long lifetime;

Can be used for all kinds of granular feed ingredient such as corn,sorghum,pies and others.

SFSP series Livestock feed shredder Main Features

Usagecrushing all kinds of granular feed raw material like corn, sorghum, soybean, crumbling pies ect. specially designed for cellulosic feedstocks, raw material with much moisture, oiliness and micro-crushing


optimal designed water-drop grinding chamber
Long lifetimebidirectional material entry, hammer can be turned around to use
AdvantageSafe and durable, easy installation, slight vibration, high efficiency

SFSP series Livestock feed shredder structure


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FDSP has sold Feed machinery and fertilizer machinery throughout China and exported to Korea, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran etc.

  • A complete set of fertilizer production line with capacity of 10tph was exported to South Korea in 2008;

  • A complete set of pulverized coal pellet production line with capacity of 30t/h was exported to South Africa in 2009.

  • Three complete sets of feed production lines were exported to Egypt with capacity of 10tph, 15tph and 20tph respectively from 2010 to 2012.

  • A large model of pellet mill with capacity of 25tph was exported to Thailand in 2013.

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