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Brief introduction of wood debarker machine : 

Wood Peeler tree debarking machine /wood peeling machine is suitable for peeling the skin of fresh cut soft wood,hardwood, some leaved wood,the frozen wood and dry wood,etc. Wood debarking machine/wood debarker is mainly used to remove the skin of logs so that they can be ready for further processing. Our wood peeling machine has very stable performance and earns a great reputation for our company both locally and abroad. 

Efficient rotor type wood peeling machine is also called slot type double roller wood peeling machine. It has two sets of peeling teeth, which makes the machine more efficient and faster. Through the friction,clash and extrusion among wood, peeling teeth, stock bin and wood casing, the surface of wood is highly effectively peeled. 

FDSP Sseries wood peeling machine is our innovative development of a new generation of efficient wood peeling product, this machine is with peeling tooth rotor produced unique force, make the logs in the bunker tank within plate roll around, circular motion, but also around the axis of logs themselves do rotary motion and beating improperly. So far logs and teeth, logs and logs, logs and warehouse slot on between the friction, bump, extrusion, bark fast was separated, achieve high efficiency peeling effect.

Application of wood peeling machine :

Groove peeling machine and rotary drum wood peeling machine is suitable for large, medium and small paper mills, paper mills, medium density fiberboard, paper making, forest farm/wood factory, wood processing factory, forest plant, timber yard, artificial board factory (such as plywood mill, medium density beaver board factory, etc.)

Features of wood debarker:

1. It adopts the cutter with four blade, very convenient and the cost is low.

2. Cutter pressure regulated by hydraulic control, which has advanced structure and reliable performance.

3. Feeding mechanism adopts infinitely variable speed, it has good peeling effect for frozen material, crooked log, eucalypt, Xylosma,elm.

4. The net rate of peeling logs and production is high, and the damage to wood is small


Our products have passed CE certification long before, also the pellets is with SGS certification. Our company is with ISO9001 certification.

Besides, we have a professional technical team, with two departments for developing single machine and customizing complete pellet line solution. Most of our engineers are with over 20 years' experience in this field and also have a lot of experience in overseas projects.

With our outstanding technical team, we have earned a lot of certifications for our machines, together with a lot of patented design.




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