LYG216 Drum Wood Chipper For Sale

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It is one special equipment for making wood chips. It is widely used in stock workshop section of industrial manufacture, for example, the flakeboard,fibre board, building board, straw power plant.
Its raw materials are mainly small diametre, leaving thing of wood cutting(branchs ,wattle) and process leaving thing of the wood raw materials(board skin, board bar, log core,waste veneer) and so on. It also can cut the non-wood materias, like sugar cane, bulrush,gross bamboo and so on.

LYG216 Drum Wood Chipper For Sale Technical Data:

Rotor Dia(mm)3006508008001000
Number of flying knives(pcs)22222*2
Feed opening size(mm)120*300180*500225*680240*780330*1050
Knife rotor speed(rpm)730590650650550
Feed speed(m/min)3837.2373833
Max dia of logCutting bark120160160190
Wood chips length(mm)2630303030
Main motor power(kw)4555110132220
Feed roller motor power(kw)2*1.12*32*42*5.52*7.5
Overall dimension(L*W*H)3681*870*9004348*2056*12584670*2150*15004670*2250*15152850*2790*1497

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