Medium Bag Packing Scale

Medium Bag Packing Scale
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Product Details


Suitable for granule materials’ weighing, packaging, sewing and conveying.(Rice, beans, seeds, sugar, etc.)

Functions and Features

1 Auto Weighing, auto Sewing, auto thread cutting

2 Easy installation

3 Adopted weighing controller fromprofessional manufacturers, not self made.

4 Adjustable Thread length, adjustable Sewing machine head height

5 The parts in touch with the raw materials are made of stainless steel and have longer using life

6 Three stage cylinder: One single cylinder achieves four-station moves

Compact structure, fast response and low failure rate

7 High-precision controller, Automatic error correction,Auto alarm for over and under tolerance, fault auto diagnosis

8 One key recovery function ,press the reset key back to the default parameters

9 Super filter function of anti-vibration, anti-interference,Make sure weighing process stable and accurate.

Technical Parameters


Weighing Extent(kg)

Operation Speed (bags/h)

Accuracy Grade

Outside height (mm)


5~50 (based on rice)