Mesh Belt Dryer

Mesh Belt Dryer
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Brief introduction:

Steel mesh dryer is applied as transport tape, which best suits regular or irregular materials (like coal, ore forming block, food and vegetables etc.). The mesh belt dryer can be used with other devices or alone. The device is widely used for metallurgy, building, ceramics, fertilizer, and chemical industries tec. It is also the ideal device for drying food and vegetables.

Working principles:

Mesh belt dryer is a kind of batch and continuous production dryer, with electrical heating, steam heating, hot air heating as main heating method. Materials shall be put on the steel mesh of 12-60 holes uniformly. The mesh shall be shutt lecocked by gear so that hot air goes through materials while steam goes out from moisture removing hole. The whole device is assembled by several standard components and in order to save space, modular type shall be applied. Normally, the dryer has three layers with two rooms or five layers with two rooms, and the length is 6-40m while effective width is 0.6-3.0m.

Applicable scope:

Chemical engineering, food, medical, building, electrical industries etc. especially for piece, strip and pellet shaped materials with good breathability. For paste materials of residue in form, they can be dried after shaped by pelletizer or band extruder.


1. Low investment, fast drying speed and high evaporation intensity

2. High efficiency, large capacity and excellent quality

3. Standardized production, and can be designed according to actual capacity

4. To achieve best drying air amount, heating temperature, material staying time and feeding speed can be controlled.

5. Designable device configuration, and mesh belt washing and material cooling system can be applied.

6. Most air can be recycled, which saves energy.

7. Unique air distribution device makes uniform distribution of air, and ensures good quality.

8. Steam, heat-conductive oil or fuel gas heater can be applied.