Muyang Ring Die Fixed By Bolt

Muyang Ring Die Fixed By Bolt
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Brief Introduction Of Ring Die 

Ring die is the key part of Ring Die Pellet Mill in the large scale pellet plant to produce animal feed, wood pellets, poultry feed,livestock feed,aqua feed, bio-mass pellet and other granules. The quality of ring die plays an important role in making high quality pellets and high output, also can save much maintenance cost for pellet manufacturers. We are a reliable ring die manufacturer who can supply you top quality ring dies .We can customized design for various brand of pellet mill, such as: CPM, Matador ,Muyang, Paladin, Promill, Buhler, Zhengchang, Mabrik, Matador, Sogem, Andritz Sprout, Yemmak, etc.We can also make as per customers' drawing. 

Ring die for Pellet Mill

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Sample Drawing of 3 Type Ring Die

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Production process

1.  Precision Machining 

CNC machining center assure high dimensional accuracy,geometric tolerance and surfaceroughness. 

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2.  Hole Machining 

Our company's die is made by international advanced German gun drill, tools and drilling hole software.Which ensures process conditions as drilling required, therefore high pelleting output, quality and debugging convenience.

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3.  Vacuum Hardening 

American vacuum furnace: High vacuum degree, no oxidation reaction in ring die surface, ensuring original smoothness of die hole inner surface, has long service life and high quality. High cooling speed ensures more even distribution of carbide hardenability and uniformity of ring die.

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Advantages of Pellet Ring Die 

1. Good tensile strength

2. Good abrasion resistance

3. Good corrosion resistance

4. Good impact resistance

5. Good heat resistance

6. Good fatigue resistance.