New Condition Pellet Machine Spare Parts

New Condition Pellet Machine Spare Parts
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Brief Introduction Of Ring Die

Ring die is the key part of Ring Die Pellet Mill in the large scale pellet plant to produce animal feed, wood pellets, poultry feed,livestock feed,aqua feed, bio-mass pellet and other granules.

The quality of ring die plays an important role in making high quality pellets and high output,also can save much maintenance cost for pellet manufacturers.

LiangYou is a reliable ring die manufacturer who can supply you top quality ring dies .We can customized design for various brand of pellet mill, such as: CPM, Matador ,Muyang, Paladin, Promill, Buhler, Zhengchang, Mabrik, Matador, Sogem, Andritz Sprout, Yemmak, etc.We can also make as per customers' drawing.

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The video introduction of ring die and roller shell

Ring die for pellet mill

1.Used in various pellet mills made in China and overseas

2.Customized specifications are accepted

3.Sort of roller: corrugation roller, dimpling roller

4.Materials: alloy steel, stainless steel

5.Technical parameters: open end, closed end, HCE, HOE, HTP, straight dimple, opening of dimple.

Die Materials

1. Alloy dies are the choice for many feed processors because of their good abrasion and breakage resistance

2. Chrome dies have superior corrosion resistance, making them the choice for processing operations involving corrosive chemicals

3. stainless steel dies have the best abrasion and  breakage resistance as well as good corrosion resistance


FDSPC can customized die for various pellet mill,type: Muyang, Zhengchang, OGM, Taiwan, CPM, Buhler, Germany.....

ring die for 420 is the ring die used in MZLH 420 biomass fuel pellet mill. Usually we make the 420 ring die alloy steel because the experience tells us that the alloy steel is most suitable for making biomass fuel pellets. Also we could make stainless steel ring die for you if you need.

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