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10TPH Feed Pellet Line, Feed Production Line Supplier

Feed pellet line/ feed production line is a high automation fodder production line which be used to make various poultry and livestock feed such as chicken, duck, cattle, pig, rabbit, etc. We can supply you customized solutions with advanced feed processing technology and professional service.

Advantages Of Feed Pellet Line

1. Can be customized according to your requirements for poultry feed.

2. Easy operation 

3. Less time and manpower to make more feed pellets 

4. Reduce waste and improve production

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Flowchart Of Poultry Feed Pellet Production Line

Silo storage process- Receiving And Pre-cleaning Process- Grinding Process-Batching And Mixing process- Pelleting Process- Cooling and sifting process-Bagging Process- Auxiliary System- Electric Control System.

Introduction the main equipment Ring Die Aquatic Feed Pelletizer

As the increasing price of conventional fish feed, modern aquatic feed pellets made by pellet mill are becoming more and more popular in aquaculture. This kind of aquatic feed pellet mill is widely adopted by farmers who feed large quantity of aquatic animals. With advanced pelletizing technology and compact design, this feed pellet mill can ensure efficient pellets production with super quality. Pellets diameter can be from 2mm to 10mm to meet different aquatic species’ demand. Want to greatly save time and cost of aquatic farming? Try this specially designed aquatic feed pellet mill! While with this aquatic feed pelletizer, you should make sure that this pellet mill can only make sinking feed pellets, if you want to make floating fish feed pellets, you should choose puffing fish feed extruders.