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Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd (FDSP) finished the pallet loading of 5tph Soy Extruded Plant for Bangladesh customer on Aug. 8th, 2017. This delivery are totally 15 packages, includes the Iron Pallets, Iron Cases, etc. and are packed into totally 3 units of 40 HQ.


In May of this year, the Bangladesh customer came to our factory for visit our Soy Extruded Plant, Cow Feed Plant, Poultry Feed Plant, Fish Feed Plant, and Extruded Aqua Feed Plant and came to our internal customers’ factory sites who make poultry and livestock feed, common aqua feed, and extruded aqua feed for checking our equipment operation. They talked in details on several kinds of schemes and flow diagrams and showed great interests on our products. They made the contract with us on the 5tph Soy Extruded Plant, 15tph cow feed plant and 10tph poultry feed plant within half an month after they come to Bangladesh. This delivery is for the 5tph Soy Extruded Plant.


5tph Soy Extruded Plant

June and July are the manufacturing peak for our export equipment. FDSP company finished the 1st manufacturing task of Bangladesh customer ahead of time with good quality and high efficiency. The 2nd manufacturing task is in schedule and the customer has applied for our company’s sole agent in Bangladesh after the two feed lines are in production, which greatly shows the customer’s admit to our company. Following by successfully to be the listed company in July, 2017 and with the help of the promotion of our brand, our company will greatly promote our project cases’ construction in Bangladesh, try to finish the construction works for some sample projects as soon as possible and make FDSP developing fast in Bangladesh feed machinery market!