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Analysis On The Reasons Of Low Output Of Pellet Mill For Feed Machinery

Oct 23, 2019

一.Low output of pellet mill

1.The cause of ring die

A, Inlet hole of the ring die surface calender, need to re-chamfer.

B. Improper selection of die compression ratio. Selection principle: livestock and poultry feed 9~13; Fish feed 12~15; Shrimp feed 20~25; Heat-sensitive feed 5~9; Forage and straw feed 6~9.

C. The die hole is blocked. Knock the blocked hole from the outside to the inside of the ring die to remove impurities.

D. Too low porosity of the ring die leads to low production.

2. The cause of roller

A. Roller shell is worn and should be replaced in time.

B. The new ring die and the old roller, the new roller and the new ring die will all result in low output. A new ring die with a new roller shell should be used for pelleting, so that the contact gap between the roller and the ring die is consistent and uniform wear is achieved. The effect of material mixing and steam absorption is poor because of paddle of conditioner worn. The softening of the material inside of the conditioner affects the pellet powder rate and yield.

3. The cause of conditioning temperature

The conditioning temperature is too low. Recommended control: livestock and poultry feed: 70~88; Fish feed: 82 ~ 95; Shrimp feed: 90 ~ 105; Heat sensitive feed: 45~69. Unit: .

4.  The cause of steam quality

The steam pressure of the sub cylinder should 0.6Mpa; Steam pressure after decompression is 0.1~0.3Mpa; The steam trap works normally to ensure that the steam is saturated without condensed water.