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Create Green Passage To New Zealand, Assit “OBOR” Developed Rapidly

New Zealand is a highly developed developed country. As one of the most important animal husbandry countries, they have almost harsh demands for the feed machinery equipment.

Our company FDSP takes “Gain trust with honesty, Win competition with quality” as our tenet, finally standing out from the other feed machinery manufacturers. We signed three orders with our New Zealand customers constantly. On the date of June 6th, we first signed contract with them about the main feed machinery for a feed extruding plant. On the date of July 3rd, we signed another contract about the electrical control system for the whole feed extruding plant. On the date of July 11th, we signed another contract with them about the SFSP568 hammer mill etc.

mixer, cooler.jpg

On the date of August 11th, Our New Zealand customer with their Australian end client came to our factory for field trip and equipment acceptance. They tested the electric control equipment on site and talked about the detailed operation, notices and other details with our electrical engineers happily. In the afternoon, they visited our modernized workshop especially the hammer mill, mixer, ring die pellet mill, cooler, crumbler etc. main machines used in the feed production line. Our engineer explained the each machine’s inside structure and working principle to them and they are show great interest and cannot help but said: “It’s amazing!”

Through exchanges and discussions, our client deeply felt our company’s powerful strength and high quality products and shown that they’d like to cooperated with our company again about the next big capacity feed production line.

Following by successfully to be the listed company in July 25th, 2017 and with the help of the promotion of our brand, we will implement all aspects of internationalize strategic target and accelerate the construction of project solutions in Oceania, helping the “One Belt, One Road” developed rapidly.