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Drum Type Pre-cleaner Maintenance And Common Troubleshooting

Aug 13, 2019

Safe operation rules of drum type pre-cleaner

1. When inspecting, repairing and maintaining the machine, the power must be turned off and the warning sign must be hung.

2. The operating door can only be opened after the machine has completely stopped.

3. Only after the machine is completely stopped, the foreign objects in the machine can be cleaned, and it is strictly forbidden to clean the materials in the machine by hand.

4. Motor cables and wires should have protective sleeves.

 Maintenance procedures

1. The screen cylinder should be kept flexible and should not be strung in the axial direction.

2. Lubricate the reducer regularly, use the gear oil for the lubricating oil, replace the lubricating oil after the new machine is working for half a month, and replace it every six months.

3. The main bearing is replaced with lubricating lithium grease every six months.

4. The drive chain is lubricated once a month with oil.

5. Under normal working conditions, the oil temperature should not exceed 70 °C; if the temperature rise of the machine is too high or abnormal noise, stop the machine immediately and find that the worm gear, worm and bearing are seriously worn and should be replaced.

6. If the clearance of the worm shaft tapered ball bearing increases, the end cover should be removed and the green paper pad should be removed.

7. When the screen cylinder and the cleaning brush are worn out and cannot work normally, they should be replaced immediately.

8. The impurities in the inner screen cylinder and the main shaft must be cleaned once a week.

9. Clean and sanitation work should be done after the shift.

Repair procedures

Minor repair: 1 time every six months, including:

1. Check the wear of the chain and adjust its tightness properly. When the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time.

2. Check the bolts in the motor terminal box for looseness and replace the damaged seals.

3. Check the repaired damaged line.

4. Check if the rack anchor bolts are loose and adjust the two sprocket wheels to be in the same plane.

5. Remove and wash the spindle bearing, replace the sealing packing after lubrication.

6. Check the wear of the screen cylinder and the cleaning brush.

7. Check the operation door for deformation and machine sealing.

Intermediate repair: 1 time per year, including:

1. Minor repairs all content.

2. Check the wear of the motor bearing, add lubricant, replace the damaged bearing.

3. Replace the damaged bearing housing.

4. Check the wear of the sprocket key.

5. Check the wear of the guide screw. If the wear is serious, it should be repaired or replaced.

6. Check the wear of the sprocket and chain and repair or replace if necessary.

 Common faults and troubleshooting methods