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FDSP's Pellet Machine Help You Ensuring The Profitability Of Feed Processing

Feed mills are fundamental to animal production. The high milling efficiency of modern feed mills contributes significantly to ensuring secure supplies of food of animal origin for the human population.Compound feed production is a complicated operation that requires processing of a 

heterogeneous mixture of several ingredients into uniform pellets. Feed mills are now facing important challenges. These include ensuring profitability and safety of milling operations. There are wide variations in prices and often in supply of feed raw materials.

Good pellet quality is important as it brings several benefits such as compaction which reduces the volume of the feed, saving transport and storage capacity. Good pellets have a homogeneous shape and are stable in transport and storage, which will reduce loss from dust or fines. Good quality pellets with little dust or fines are usually well accepted by the animals avoiding selective feed ingestion by the animals.

FDSP can supply you high quality SZLH series animal feed pellet mill for pelletizing poultry/livestock/animal feed pellets. It is with high capacity, high efficiency, low noise, easy operation and convenient maintenance. We can customize the different capacities from 1 ton per hour to 50 ton per hour or even more.

FDSP feed pellet machine.jpg

Features of FDSP feed pelleting machine 

a)Adopt aerodynamic technology, reducing the temperature in pelletizing chamber to around 90°C, therefore the machine can work well continuously. 

b) Using spheroidal graphite cast iron, the machine body is more durable. 

c)Treated by hardness quenching and milling machine,the gears maintain high concentricity with the shaft, Thus ensuring a good performance and large capacity than belt driven models. 

d)With lubrication system, you can add grease to main shaft without having to turn off the machine . 

e)The ring die mould are cast by heat processing technology, thus having a durable life and producing qualified pellets. 

f)Equipped with an advanced compensation serpentine-spring coupling which connects the pelletizing chamber with the motor to increase safety and stability. 

g) Permanent magnet device can remove impurities in the pelletizing process. 

h) Multi-layer conditioners can be customized to improve quality of feed pellets.