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FDSP Supply You Various Of Silo Engineering

Our company is capable of providing the customers with 30-8,000-ton steel silos of various specifications and undertaking one-package turnkey projects including packaged technology design, civil engineering basic design, elevating, conveying, cleaning, magnetic separation, drying, measuring, temperature measurement, fuming or steaming, cold storage, heat preservation, ventilating and dedusting and design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and training of professional support equipment such as automatic control systems. Meanwhile, it provides customers with support equipment such as bucket elevators with the conveying capacity of 20 to 1,000 tons per hour, scraper conveyors and belt conveyors.

FDSP silo engineering

FDSP Silo Engineering Features: 

★ High strength: the strength of a barrel is greatly enhanced through vertical reinforcing ribs on the inner wall of the barrel and transverse spiral undercut ribs, and wind resistance, earthquake resistance and snow load resistance are strong.

★ Good sealing performance: barrel connection adopts spiral undercuts, the thickness of the undercuts is five times that of the barrel, the sealing performance is good, and fumigation insect killing is conveniently performed.

★ Short construction period: the construction time of a steel silo with the capacity of 1000 tons is only 5-6 days, and the steel silo can be put into use as soon as possible to create benefits for users early.

★ Attractive appearance: a silo top is conical, dust and water are difficultly accumulated, and a silo body has smooth lines.

★ Long service life: the barrel is made from a hot galvanized coiled plate, the silo top is completely treated by a galvanizing process, corrosion resistance is strong, and the service life is long.