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Hot Selling Debarker Machine/wood Logs Peeling Machine

The FDSP Rotary Debarker is an innovative development in debarking technology employing a combination of mechanical abrasion and log-to log contact to efficiently remove bark from

logs of all shapesand species. 

debarker machine.jpg

The complete wood handing line can be used for MDF, wood pellet line and pulp paper manufacturing industry of debarking log and small diameter log. Its debarking clean rate is more than 90%.

The rotary drum debarking line made by our company adopts world advanced technology which is with lower energy consumption, compact structure, high clean debarking, and large productive capacity. The technology is the leader in China. Liangyou complete wood handling line is the ideal equipment 

for wood-based panel, pulp paper industry, and wood chip production plant. It can completely replace the imported equipments.

We are also dealing business of complete bio-mass pelleting solution, including chipping, grinding, drying, pelleting, cooling, sifting, bagging process.


FDSP can not only produce professional individual biomass equipment such as wood pellet mill, sawdust pellet machine, straw pellet mill, grass pellet mill, alfalfa pellet mill etc, but provide biomass processing line including chipper, hammer mill, dryer, pellet mill, cooler, screener, conveyor, bagging scale and other related ancillary equipment.