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How To Control The Moisture In The Pelleting Process And Improve The Quality Of The Finished Product

Jul 25, 2019

The results show that the moisture content of semi-finished powder after mixing is generally between 9% and 14%, and the moisture content of material in die after conditioning is reasonable between 15% and 17%.At this time, the granulated feed produced has good processing quality, uniform finish, low pulverization rate, and low energy consumption, and the moisture content of the final product is easy to meet the standard requirements.

1. Reduce the boiler steam supply pressure during pellet feed production, improve the water content of steam supply

Usually feed production boiler steam supply pressure is 7-9kg/cm2, production pressure is 3-4kg/cm2.The higher the pressure, the lower the humidity; Conversely, the lower the pressure, the higher the humidity, the higher the moisture content of the steam.Therefore, as long as the production needs are met, the lower the pressure, the better. It is recommended that the boiler steam supply pressure be adjusted to 4-6kg/cm2, and the production pressure be adjusted to 2-2.5kg/cm2.

2. Increase the time of material conditioning in the conditioner  

 Increase the residence time of the material in the conditioner, make the material and steam fully mixed, which is conducive to starch gelatinization, improve the absorption rate of livestock and poultry, and make the material fully absorb the moisture in the steam, thus increasing the moisture of the product. To increase the quenching and tempering time, methods such as lowering the speed of the conditioner or adjusting the blades of the conditioner can be adopted.

3. Close or adjust the steam trap in the steam supply pipeline

Usually in the steam drum and steam supply pipeline are installed a lot of trap valve, its purpose is to eliminate the condensed water in the steam pipeline, prevent steam into too much water, and cause pellet mill blocking, but in summer due to the raw material water content is lower, the steam water content is also lower, the material water after conditioning is difficult to reach 16%. Therefore, adjusting or closing the trap calve will not cause blocking, but will help increase product moisture.

4.When feed particles are being cooled, choose the appropriate cooling air volume

On the one hand, the purpose of the cooling process is to reduce the temperature of pellet feed to no more than 3-5℃ at room temperature.On the other hand, the water in the feed can also be taken away to make the feed product water meet the requirements. According to the moisture before the cooling of the finished product, the corresponding cooling parameters of the finished product can be set to avoid excessive loss of water.

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