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How To Operate And Maintain The Bucket Elevator?

Aug 31, 2019

Operation and maintenance procedures

1. During the operation, each shift should check the temperature rise of the bottom wheel bearing and the reducer once. If it feels hot to touch for about 10 seconds, it means that the temperature rise is too high, the cause should be checked, and take the corresponding measures such as filling lubricating oil or cleaning bearing and reducer;

2.Fill the bottom bearing of the head wheel with grease once a month;

3.During operation, pay attention to observe whether there is abnormal noise, whether the bucket belt is slipping; whether the bearing and reducer are overheated;

4.The new bucket belt has 2 shifts per run (the bucket elevator load is running for more than 10 hours), then adjust the adjusting screw on the base to tighten the belt. After the screw reaches the bottom end, cut the bucket belt to shorten its length and re-tension tight.

5.Clean up the accumulated material in the bucket elevator base once a weekA.

6.Every time the head cover is opened, the material attached to the cover should be cleaned; the head cover should be cleaned at least once a month.

7.Before stopping, stop the feeding and empty load running for 3-4 minutes to empty the material

Maintenance instruction

1.minor repair

Bucket elevator repairs every six months, including the following contents:

a. Check if the wire connection in the motor junction box is loose;

b. Check the loosening of the fastening bolts of the coupling, the machine head and the bucket, and replace the damaged bolts;

c. Check the wear condition of the head wheel and bottom wheel anti-skid rubber sheet (some bucket elevators have it) and replace if necessary;

d. Cleaning the residual material on the head, the base and the wall of the intermediate barrel;

e. Check all buckets, sort or replace the deformation bucket;

f. Clean or replace the observation window glass;

g. Chain drive bucket elevator, clean the chain sprocket, and check the chain and sprocket wear condition, replace if necessary;

h. Replace the lubricating oil of the reducer, check and clean the vent cover, and replace if necessary;

j. Remove and check the bearing of the anti-reverse mechanism and add lubricating oil, and replace the fixing bolt of the non-return mechanism;

2.Medium Repair

The intermediate repairs are conducted once a year and include the following:

a. minor repair all content;

b. Check the wear of the motor bearing, replace the bearing with serious wear and replace the grease;

c. Inspect and clean the top wheel, bottom wheel bearing and bearing seat of the bucket elevator, replace the bearing and bearing seat with serious wear, replace the grease and seal ring;

d. Check the wear of the head and bottom wheels and repair or replace if necessary;

e. Check the wear of the bucket belt and replace if necessary;

f. Remove and wash the reducer, check the wear of each component, repair or replace the severe wear parts;

g. Check the discharge port baffle, if the wear is serious, replace it;

h. Check the sealing condition of the connection between the barrel, the inlet and the outlet, and replace the gasket if necessary;

i. Check the deformation of the barrel and the verticality of the bucket elevator, and adjust the verticality of the barrel to be no more than 8mm;

j. Brush the barrel with paint.