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Impeding Level Indicator Applied To Modern Industry And Storage

Plugging turn type level indicator (impeding level indicator) is widely applied to modern industry and storage, aiming at monitoring and controlling powder and pellet materials in the container.  Compared with outdated products, this level indicator has advanced technology, reasonable construction, reliable performance, easy maintenance, and high cost performance etc.

impeding level indicator


1. Replaces traditional gear driving system.

2. Longer working life. GDLWDZ series plugging turn type level probe has 18 months warranty while traditional impeding level probe has 12 months.

3. Applicable to material level detection of mash, pellet and fine block material.

4. Material level can be shown at certain points.

5. Intelligent detection

6. Can not only show material level but also control device.

7. Not limited to environment restriction, strong anti-jamming performance, and reliable reactivity.

Widely applied to stock bins for powder, pellets, fine block materials and other materials in grain, feed and food industries etc.