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Importance Of Pelleting And The High Quality Pellet Machine From FDSP

The pelleting process can be evaluated by the following criteria; pellet quality (expressed as abrasion index), feed processing productivity and energy consumption. Energy use is significant in feed manufacturing and needs to be reduced as part of a sustainability programme and from an economic standpoint. To enhance energy efficiency and productivity, pellet quality and mass throughput the die dimesinons need to be optimised.

Feed manufacturing is a complicated and expensive business and to maintain feed profitability it is important to ensure that all aspects of the manufacturing process are optimised. Good monitoring of the process and data collection becomes increasingly important to manage the modern feed mill.

Customised program for feed millers

Through product development, equipment manufacturing and engineering technology, FDSP is able to make substantial contributions to improving the profitability of feed manufacturing. 

In today’s world, all improvements that can be made to optimise the bottom line in feed production through introducing interventions to improve processor are very welcomed by feed manufacturers. Through securing an efficient production process, a competitive advantage can be generated. The feed mill is no longer seen as a cost-centre but with the customised programme as a tool to optimise the feed value and feed mill operations.

FDSP ring die pellet machine is an ideal pelletizing machine for high quality animal feed pellets. It is with high capacity, high efficiency, low noise, easy operation and

convenient maintenance.

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