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Maintenance Of Feed Machinery Without Oil Outlet

Nov 06, 2019

Feed machine has two main power sources. First is electric power. Second is oil. The synergy of the two power sources is the basis of ensuring the stable operation of feed machinery. Therefore, once the machinery is not outlet of oil, it will occur fault, and needs timely maintenance. FDSP suggests you to focus on the following aspects of maintenance:

1. Check whether there is any material residue in the feed machine, especially in the clearance between its spindle and rotor.

2. Remove the filter mesh of the oil filter in the machine and clean it carefully to avoid impurities blocking the mesh and impeding the filtration effect.

3, Disassemble the grease block in the feed machinery. The main purpose is to clean the  impurities in the oil hole .

In addition to the above operations, the refueling part of the equipment should be checked. If the oil leakage is serious, the oil in the machinery will not be supplied normally, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment.

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