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Tube Magnet Maintenance Procedures

Aug 15, 2019


First, maintenance procedures

1. Prevent vibration during transportation and installation, and do not knock the magnet.

2. It is forbidden to place items such as instruments and meters that are easily magnetized.

3. Clean at least 2 times of adsorbed magnetic impurities on the magnets per shift.

4. In use, if it is found that the magnetic properties are significantly reduced, the magnetic block should be magnetized or replaced in time.

5. The top cap and the magnetic pole plate of the magnet are affected by the impact and friction of the material. If serious wear is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

6. Regularly check the sealing of the operating door.

Second, the repair procedures

Minor repair (1 time every half year)

1. Thoroughly clean the impurities of the tube magnet.

2. Repair or replace the sealing strip of the operating door.

Medium repair (1 time per year)

1. All the content of Minor repair work .

2. Determine the magnetism of the magnet. If the drop is obvious, magnetize or replace the magnet.

3. Check the seal and deformation of the operating door.

4. Check the wear of the magnet top cover. If the wear is serious, repair or replace it.

Third, common faults and troubleshooting methods