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Specialization, Automation, Intelligent Biomass Engineering Chile Customer Visited FDSP

"For the continuation of the nation, the sustainable development of the country, that dedicating to environmental protection is the responsibility of every enterprise."

FDSP firstly explore new modes of resource recycling in China, It is specialized in resolving biomass pellet fuel package solution, biomass pellet fuel granulation equipment use the advanced technology and the combustion valueits of its particle can up to 4100-4500 kcal/tons.

On 7th September 2017, the Chile customer in South America has come a long way to discuss with us about cooperating with our company about the 50t/h biomass sawdust production complete project.

biomass sawdust production complete project

Through understanding the actual situation of Chile customer, our chief engineer stick to “specific situation specific treatment”to adjust measures to local conditions,  suggested that "small - oriented, multiple construction" of high - economy, low-risk project construction plan, using 5 ×10 t/h biomass pellet production line instead of customer’s 1 large 50 t/h production line in advance. Put customer’s interest first and avoid the realistic problems such as "high cost of raw material transportation and large management risks in the later stage", Ensure that the benefits are maximized and the benefits can be renewed. 

The Chile customer suggested that -- FDSP, practical, professional!

On the same day, he offered to visit the production area to learn more about the operation principle and internal structure of all the links. Our engineers accompany the clients all the way, testing machine and explaining about the main equipment for biomass engineering (mill, slicer, dryer, granulator, etc.) on site.

1.slicer with separate control cabinet, convenient for operation.

2.The key part of the host adopts imported motor, stable and efficient.

3.Three drum dryer, automatic feeding, drying moisture control 13-18%.

4.Granulating machine adopts analog screen PLC control, a single mimic panel can switch control many sets of granulator.

5.The use of imported intelligent ignition device and the new fire prevention system to achieve fully automated clean production.

Biomass Pellet Line Customer

Each link strives for perfection, the whole production line layout is scientific and reasonable, automation, intelligence reaches the leading level in the industry.

FDSP always pay attention to product innovation and technology development, through the continuous research on biomass energy, to realize converting the core technology into a advantage of "Product performance improvement", "Engineering costs down" , seeks the benefit and the development, Create more and greater personal value for customer. With 23 years of industry experience and CE, SGS and 28 international patents, we believe that FDSP will be "through thick and thin, go hand in hand" cooperation friends with you.