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Specialized In Design And Production Ring Die And Roller Shell

FDSP specializing in the research, development, design, production, sales and service of pellet machine molds, machinery parts ,casting and forging. The company has strong hardware support and technical support, broughtthe professionals together in the ring die pellet machine manufacturing with experience for decades, with the company's strong R & D level and manufacturing capabilities, Liangyou pellet mold has become a professional production of service-oriented enterprise that can provide feed mold, the fitting for Zhenghang pellet machine, the CPM pellet machine, the UMT pellet machine, the German pellet machine, the Shende pellet machine, the Taiwan pellet machine and various other domestic and imported models.We can provide customers with various types of feed granulator, biomass fuel granulator, bio-organic fertilizer granulator and other special ring die, roller shell and other accessories.

ring die

Main features of FDSP ring die

1,Hole smooth,long working life and high output

2,Competitive price

3,Quick delivery

4,About 20 years of production experience

5,Quality control:ISO9001:2000

6,Hole Diameter:Feed size 2-12mm; wood pellet size 6-12mm or other sizes customized

7,Wear resistance,corrosion resistance,heat resistance,fatigue resistance,impact resistance.