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The Key Factors To Improve Pellet Quality

Feed pelleting has changed considerably, due to the demand for higher standards of physical quality, nutritional value and microbiological hygiene, as well as greater flexibility in the incorporation of new and varied raw materials.

Pelleting improves the characteristics feed, as it increases the digestibility of starches and nutrient absorption, hence improving the feed conversion ratio and production index of the farm. By subjecting starches to heat and moisture, water absorption takes place and the starch granule loses its crystalline structure (a process that is catalysed by a rapid increase in temperature). This causes the starch granule to burst, producing a gelatinous mass: that is, gelatinisation of the starches occur. In addition to the gelatinisation of starches, the use of heat also leads to an increase in the absorption of nutrients and a reduction in any pathogens that could be contaminating the feed, while eliminating anti-nutritional factors and allowing for the incorporation of a higher range and quality of difficult to granulate raw materials. The absorption of moisture also increas  es the lubrication, softening and cooking of the feed.

FDSP supply you all kinds of high grade animal/livestock/aqua feed pellet machine. Double or three layers of conditioner is optional.Our pellet mill with high quality bearings(SKF/NSK), oil seal( from Germany) is adopted to makes  operation smoothly.

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