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The Silo Project FDSp Can Supply You

Our company specializes in research, development and design of steel silo engineering and various material storage technologies and sale and service of related products.

The silo project FDSp can supply you:

Tailor-made silo project :

◆ cereal & grain industry silo project engineering  

◆ feed industry silo project engineering 

◆ building material industry silo project engineering

◆ oil and grease industry silo project engineering  

◆ brewage industry silo project engineering  

◆ port industry silo project engineering  

FDSP storage silo

Features of FDSP storage silo 

1. High strength: The grain storage silo wall is reinforced by vertical stiffener and occluded by screw beam. It has great strength and good resistance to wind, earthquake and snow.


2. Good sealing function: Crimping and seaming of five-layer spiral steel plates ensures airproof, so our grain storage silo can be used to store construction materials such as cement, gypsum, fly ash and slag, as well as liquids.


3. Small area occupancy: The smallest distance between grain storage silo amounts to 600mm.


4. Short construction cycle: High-level automatic construction at site, Need only 5-6 days for a 1,000 tons storage silo.


5. Long working life: 25-30 years, achieved by best combination of plates of different thickness for grain storage silo body.


If you have any doubts, pls feel free to contact us.