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To Making High Quality Wood Pellets To Pellet Stove

Wood pellets on the market can be classified into 3 types:

Made of agriculture waste: crop straw, peanut shell, chestnut shell, corn stalk, and other wastes on the farm. Their heat value is 3000-4200Kcal/kg.

Made of forestry waste: waste wood, barks, branches, bamboos, leaves. Their heat value is 4200-5000 Kcal/kg. Wood pellets made of Redwood have the highest heat value of about 5000 Kcal/kg.

Made of industrial waste: household garbage, waste paper, plastic, factory waste, Chinese medicine rediues, tobacco dross, sugar residues.

For people who plan to use pellet stove, furnace, or industrial boiler, it is important to know which biomass pellets are better for heating, which are more environmental friendly, and which are more cost-saving. 

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Jiangsu liangyou supply you professional wood pellet making machine and solutation for you to making high quality wood pellets.Our wood pellet production line is mainly used for agroforestry residues ,such as straw ,cotton stalk , rice husk ,peanut shell ,bamboo,empty fruit branch,pulverized coal and waste paper etc.

Detail Quotation Solutions for you, we need to know Information as Follows:

(1). What capacity would your prefer?

The Capacity Range of Wood Pellet Machine: 0.8-1T; 1.5-2T; 2-3T;3-4T.


(2).What is your raw material?

According to different raw material(such as hard wood,soft wood,straw,rice husk), capacity is different.


(3).What is your raw material size?

Best size for pressing high quality pellets is 3mm-5mm.


(4).What is the moisture of your raw material?

Better to be 10-15%.( If large than this, then we will recommend your Dryer Machine)


(5).Final Pellets Size?

We have Diameter for Pellets:6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, (Different Diameters for your Different Requirement.)Pellets Length: Adjustable20-50mm. (Normally our clients ask pellets length of 33mm, between 30-36mm)