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How Does Pellet Form Its Shape?

You want to produce pellets by pellet mills, you may wonder how does pellet form its shape.FDSP will tell you the truth

1,The Basic Theory

Inside the ring die of pellet mill, there is double roller shells mounted on an eccentric, turn on a rotating shaft as friction develops. The mutual pressure between ring die and roller shells overcomes the resistance when feed is forced through the die holes in high speed so that dissections of finished pellets become tight layers of feed mixture. The die is driven by a motor and the roller shell turn only as feed between rolls and pellet press dies develops friction

2,Roller Shells

Because there is friction, so we can see roller shells operate in extremely harsh conditions. Massive forces are transferred from the die face through the bearings to the roll support shaft. The friction causes fatigue crack on the surface. During production, the fatigue crack occurs in a certain depth later, service life of the shell will be longer accordingly.

The life of roller shell is so critical for frequently changing roller shells will also damage the ring die. Which means the material of roller shell should also be got into consideration in purchasing pelleting equipments. Material of Chrome Steel Alloys is advisable for it has good property of fatigue resistance, which suits the requirement of operating in harsh environment.

A good roller shells is not only made of good material, but also match the excellent performance of its dies. Each die and roller assembly stay together as a unit, extending die and roller life and enabling easy storage and conversion.

Our ring dies and roller shells are well sold all over the world, We can also make all kinds of pellet mill roller shells as per customers' drawing. We have every part you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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