Palm Tree Wood Debarking Machine

Palm Tree Wood Debarking Machine
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Brief Introduction of wood/ logs debarker machine, logs debarker 

  1. Wood debarking machine is new style wood peeling equipment which was innovated by our factory on the .basis of foreign advanced technology. Wood debarking machine has single and double roller type according to different woods with different diameters. 

  2. This machine adopts open groove peeling room, the wood come into the peeling space from one side and come out from the other side.

  3. Wood debarking machine is continuous working always. It conquers the defect of rolling drum and improves capacity greatly.

  4. It is suitable for big diameter wood and large scale factory.

  5. Components of Wood log debarking Machine, logs debarker Peeling roller, feeding port, skin exit, wood exit, power transmission device. Parameters of Wood Peeling Machine, logs debarker 

Applications of Wood Debarker 

The wood debarker is the equipment for peeling barks of the soft wood, hard wood, some leaved wood, the frozen wood , drywood and logs, It is mainly used for the paper making plants, artificial board plants( such as the density fiberboard factory, etc.) The wood log's length should be less than 6000mm, diameter between 20-600mm. 

1. Using four-sideedge cutting tool, easy to use and low cost; 

2. Pressure of the wood debarker is controlled by hydraulic control, with advanced structure and reliable performance; 

3. Feeding-inlet structure uses a continuously variable transmission, which has good peeling effect on frozen wood, curved wood, eucalyptus, oak, elm and other tree species which are hard to peel.


Advantages of Wood debarking machine, logs debarker 

  1. It overcomes the weakness that traditional drum-type wood peeling machine have to stop while discharging and feeding,

  2. It separates skin exit from wood exit, realizing continuous work, from the feeding, to peeling, to discharging the wood, to feeding again, to peeling again, to discharging the wood again, the whole process is continuous, accomplishing operation flow, automatic production. 

  3. To different wood species, peeling effect can be adjusted. All can be peeled regardless of the length, bending, spiral, and dry and wet.

  4. Stand-alone operation can peel 35 to 50 tons logs, greatly saving the manpower. 




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