Pellet Mill Spare Parts Ring Die

Pellet Mill Spare Parts Ring Die
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Ring Die for Pellet Mill Machine

1.Used in various pellet mills made in China and overseas

2.Customized specifications are accepted

3.Sort of roller: corrugation roller, dimpling roller

4.Materials: alloy steel, stainless steel

5.Technical parameters: open end, closed end, HCE, HOE, HTP, straight dimple, opening of dimple

Pellet dies must resist abrasion, corrosion from chemical exposure and breakage caused by the physical stresses of pellet formation. The optimum die combines high resistance to abrasion, breakage and corrosion with maximum productivity. Our expertise enables us to precisely match the die specification to your required formulation, even if it means customizing a die pattern to meet your exact needs. The wide range of used dies with hole diameters from 2 mm to 12 mm guarantees the production of pellets with a required size.

Die Materials

1. Alloy dies are the choice for many feed processors because of their good abrasion and breakage resistance

2. Chrome dies have superior corrosion resistance, making them the choice for processing operations involving corrosive chemicals

3. stainless steel dies have the best abrasion and  breakage resistance as well as good corrosion resistance

About FDSP

We are a professional manufacturing factory for Ring Dies,Pellet Dies,Flat dies,Feed Mill Pellet Flat Dies,Pellet Mill Flat Dies,Animal Feed Pellet Mill Ring Die,Pellet Machine Ring die,Pellet Press Ring Die,Wood Pellet Ring Die,pellet die, die roller, pellet roller, ring die accessories etc. spare parts. We have own ring die factory and technical engineers with 20 year's experience. Each year, we all sell about 4000 spare parts: ring dies, rollers, roller assemblies to all over the world. Ring die is very important part of ring die pellet machine in the whole manufacturing process. The quality of ring die not only directly relates with the quality and output of pellets, but also the running state of equipment and maintenance cost.