Hot Sale Automatic Poultry Pellet Equipment

Hot Sale Automatic Poultry Pellet Equipment
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Feed Pellet Mill Main Structure

FDSP Animal Feed Pellet Mill mainly consists of feeding device, magnet production device, conditioner device, press chamber transmission system, effective gear drive structure, overload protection and electric control system.

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Main parts of feed pellet machine

The parts of pellet mill are gear, pinion, coupling, roller, rolelr assembly, ring die,quill shaft, etc. Main parts are ring die and roller shell.

FDSP can manufacture the ring dies and roller shell of different materials, types and size which are suitable for all top brand pelletizers, such as ANDRITZ, CPM, BUHLER, ZHENGCHANG, MUYANG, SHENDE etc Please offer the drawing and specifications of ring dies or roller shell if you need.







The reasons why feed pellet mill makes abnormal noise, vibration, and proper working 

1) Faulted bearing in the pellet mill makes abnormal working and the working current will fluctuate. If the working current is high, please shut off the machine and replace the bearing.

2) Ring die is jammed and only part of the holds is squeezing material out. Foreign material, out-of-round ring die, tight gap between ring die and rollers, wearing rollers, damaged roller bearing, all of these can cause vibration. Please check or replace ring die and adjust the roller gap.

3) Coupling is not balanced, and there is some horizontal or vertical deviation, then pellet mill will vibrate and oil seal will be damaged easily. So coupling must be calibrated in horizontal.

4) Main shaft is not tight, especially in D type and E type machine, loosen main shaft can result in shaft moving back and forth, roller shell’ swinging obviously, big pellet mill noise and vibration and pelleting trouble. Please tight the butterfly spring and round nut at the end of main shaft.

5) Big and small gears are wearing out, or only one of them are replaced can also cause noise, sometime there is some round-in period.

6) The conditioner discharging material unevenly, and makes pellet mill working current fluctuate greatly. Please adjust the paddles in the conditioner.

Application of animal feed pellet machine

SZLH series of ring die pellet mill is can not only be used in small, medium or large poultry farm but also can be used at home. This kind of feed pellet machine is mainly used to make animal feed like chicken feed pellet, duck feed pellet, cattle feed pellet, sheep feed ,and so on. 

Company View

As a professional manufacturer of feed machines , FDSP has more than 20 years'

experience in designing and manufacturing turnkey feed pellet lines for domestic and overseas customers. 

Our products have been exported to over 30 countries all over the world including South Africa, Iran, UAE, Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, etc and we are looking forward to working with you in future!