Puffing Cavity Of Extruder

Puffing Cavity Of Extruder
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Puffing cavity of extruder characteristics:

Puffing cavity of extruder is normally assembly for easy changing and maintaining of spare parts. In order to increase friction shear force with materials, and keep less gap with screw, puffing cavity is cylindrical shaped. The internal wall can be divided into straight groove and helix groove. 

Straight groove puffing cavity, located in the middle extrusion machine chamber, is to cut and stir. Helix groove puffing cavity, located in feed inlet, makes for push materials. 

The section close to template is also designed with helix groove so as to keep uniform pressure and output material. Puffing cavity can also be made of jacket for steam or cold water going through. For convenient operation, pressure sensor and temperature meter shall be installed on puffing cavity.