Quick Open Type Airlock

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Product Details

Product introduction:

This model also named as quick cleaning airlock, mainly used for food, pharmacy industries which requires high standard of hygiene, also used for circumstance that material changed frequently to avoid cross-contamination during feeding and discharging. It is easy for operation, and quick cleaning. 

Mainly has sliding rod type and quick door open type:  

1、Sliding rod type: cleaning before disassembly, loose screw handle, pull end cover maximally along guide pin, draw out paddle, hold both ends of paddle by both hands to withdraw. After cleaning, fit paddle, push end cover, tighten screw handle firmly. 

2、Quick door open : loose fixed bolts and nuts, open end cover, draw out paddle, cleaning paddle, aftermath, push paddle and tighten position bolts. 

Design characteristics: 

1、Precise forging process for body shell and main parts, nice appearance. 

2、Rotor can be disassembled easily, convenient for cleaning. 

3、Rotor in various form, applied varied different special material; rotor bearing adopts multiple protection system to ensure durable in operation. 

4、The parts touch with material are made of food level steel material, specially polished on surface, more convenient for cleaning