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FDSP has engaged in feed machinery, biomass machinery, fertilizer machinery, and its related turkey projects for more than decade and established good name in market and occupy top place in industry, more importantly its products and service are well accepted by clients all over the world. During past years, FDSP’s promise and commitment fully satisfied by client. With so strongly favorable client base, FDSP will definitely develop more quickly and stably than ever in global market. Its prosperity is coming!

Following decade of development, FDSP now has formed its group development strategy to further tap global market, namely, AGENTSHIP.

In order to make all clients who are interested in FDSP agentship fully feel optimistic prospect for the future business, we shall share with them all our group value, philosophy, culture.

We warmly welcome reputable and renowned clients to know us, trust us, and rely on us to establish the strongest relationship and agentship.