FDSP Rice Silo & Grain Wheat Storage Silo

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Product Details

silo-4.jpgAdvantages of rice storage

• Management problems

• Condensation

• Efficient use of space

• Automatic loading,unloading

• Aeration

• Easy to control pests sealed for fumigation

• Less problems with rodents and birds

Features of FDSP paddy silo

1. High precision: FDSP rice storage silo has international advanced equipment and technology guarantees.

2. High automation: FDSP silo can achieve high automation and mechanisation, high productivity, labor-saving.

3. Wide storage: Our rice storage silo has wide storage. Capacity of single silo up to 15,000 tons,

complete function, meet requirement of various customers.

4. Easy maintenance: FDSP paddy torage silo, the standard, interchangeable and universal galvanized steel plates and accessories are convenient for maintenance, easy upgrading of capacity or silo move.

5. Less investment: 20-30% less costs over steel bar concrete silos, greatly saving investment.

Sketch map of crimping and seaming:

Sketch map of crimping and seaming

Main Process of FDSP Rice Silo Engineering

1.Raw Material Receiving Section: Feeding by truck discharge, manual dumping, or railway etc.

2.The Cleaning System: drum cleaner machine or vibrating cleaner machine, for removing impurites from the grains, like stone, straw, etc. 

3.The Drying System: decrease the extra moisture of grain.

4.The Storage System (Ventilation System, Level System, Temperature Monitoring System)

5.The Discharging System

Discharge with conveyor machine, connected with bagging system, or truck loading system, or other processing line after the silos

6.The Control System


FDSP Introduction:

FDSP is affiliated to Jiangsu Liangyou Agro Machinery Co., Ltd which has about 20 years of experience in steel silo engineering and various material storage technology research, development, related product sales, service&production.


We are adhering to the “honest, winning with quality” business philosophy, with advanced development idea. We are with excellent quality, superior technology, best service, based on China, facing the world, to provide advanced technology for our customers.