Ring Die For Animal Feeding Machinery

Ring Die For Animal Feeding Machinery
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Stainless Steel Pellet Mill Ring Die

We are manufacturing feed mill complete project,biomass processing complete project,Compound fertilizer processing. We can also provide Grinding machine and Pulverizer,Dosing scaleand Mixing machine; universal equipment and spare parts, such as dies, rollers, roller shells and so on.

The video introduction of ring die and roller shell

Product Description

Our ring die is applicable for:

1.Biomass pellet machine: wood pellet mill, sawdust pellet mill, grass pellet mill, straw pellet mill, crop stalk pellet machine, alfalfa pellet mill etc.

2.Fertilizer pellet machine, all kinds of animal/poultry/livestock feed pellet machine. 

3.We can make many famous models ring die & roller shells,such as: SZLH,CPM, Buhler, PTN, Andritz Sprout, Matador, Amandus Kahl, Muyang, Paladin, Sogem, Van Arssen, Yemmak, Promill,etc.We make all kinds of pellet mill ring dies according to customers' drawing. 

  • For Zhengchang pellet mill: SZLH250, SZLH300,SZLH320,SZLH350,SZLH400,SZLH420,SZLH508, SZLH678, SZLH768, etc

  • For Muyang pellet mill: MUZL180, MUZL350, MUZL420, MUZL600, MUZL1200, MUZL610, MUZL1210, MUZL1610, MUZL2010;MUZL350X, MUZL420X, MUZL600X, MUZL1200X(Especially for shrimp feed pellet, diameter: 1.2-2.5mm)

  • For Awalia pellet mill: Awalia 420, Awalia350, etc

  • For Buhler pellet mill: Buhler304, Buhler420, Buhler520, Buhler660, Buhler900, etc.

  • For Kahl pellet mill(Flat die): 38-780, 37-850, 45-1250, etc.

  • Other kinds.

Process for making ring dies / flat dies spare parts, pellet dies
Blank raw material Forging---Rough turning---Half finished turning---Drilling the hole---Grinding inner bore---Treaded hole--- Keyway milling---Heat treatment---Finish turning---Package


Company Info.

Jiangsu Liangyou International Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd is affiliated to Jiangsu Liangyou Agro Machinery Co., Ltd which has about 20 years of experience in the comprehensive development and utilization in agriculture field.

FDSP has sold feed machinery ,fertilizer machinery , bio-energy equipments and Installation for complete engineering, ring die and Roller Shell ,etc throughout China and exported to Korea, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran etc.

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