Ring Die For Fish Feed Pellet Mill

Product Details

FDSP can manufacture the ring dies of different materials, types and hole diameters which are suitable for all top brand pelletizers, such as ANDRITZ, CPM, BUHLER, ZHENGCHANG, MUYANG, SHENDE etc Please offer the drawing and specifications of ring dies if you need.

Feature of our ring die: 

1.Made of imported high-carbon high-chromium stainless billet steel,optimization carbon,thus enhancing wearing and corrosion resistance and hardness. 

2.It can deal with all kinds of die hole over &1.2mm (&1.2mm included) and compression ratio. 

3.Ring die can be produced up to 300mm-1500mm in diameter and 500mm in height. 

4.In ring die processing, full automatic control, one-time molding for die hole, high smoothness. Frist class forging material,fine heat treatment,advanced 

5.shaft gundrill , CNC center,experienced workers

Production process: 

1.Precision Machining--CNC 

Machining center CNC machining center assure high dimensional accuracy,geometric tolerance and surface roughness.


2.Hole Machining--Germany gun drill 

Good quality gun drill equipment, tools and drilling hole software: 

  1. Die hole position high accuracy, up to 15 seconds per circle. High accuracy of position ensures both high dimensional accuracy and uniformity of materials and uniformity in die wearing and forces of radial direction and peripheral direction.

  2. High rotating speed and imported tools and cooling liquid ensures process conditions as drilling required.Thanks to such conditions, the processed die hole features small roughness, Ra 0.8 and smoothness, which can ensure pelleting output, quality and debugging convenience.

  3. The application of drilling hole software is favorable to increase porosity of ring die and optimize its way of aperture and therefore pelleting output, quality and service life of die is guaranteed.

Hole Machining of ring die

3.Vacuum Hardening

American vacuum furnace:High vacuum degree, no oxidation reaction in ring die surface, ensuring original smoothness of die hole inner surface ,has long service life and high quality.High cooling speed ensures more even distribution of carbide hardenability and uniformity of ring die.

Vacuum Hardening


Ring die for pellet machine in fish feed,shrimp feed,aqua feed pellet machine,etc. We could offer you OEM high chrome steel ring die,Such as for CPM, Matador ,Muyang, Paladin, Promill, Buhler, Zhengchang, Mabrik, Matador, Sogem, Andritz Sprout, Yemmak, etc pellet mill with different specification.